RFEI: Integrated Monitoring & Evaluation system

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Country: Kosovo
Project ID: P165485
World Bank Project Name: Municipalities for Youth in Kosovo
Contract Identification No.: M4Y-9-CS-CQ

Integrated Monitoring & Evaluation system


The Government of Kosovo (GoK) has received a grant in the amount of US$ 2.79 from the Japan Social Development Fund, administered by the World Bank, to support socioeconomic inclusion of marginalized youth in Kosovo. The grant is being implemented by a Project Management Unit (PMU) in the Ministry of Local Government (MLG). The Municipalities for Youth (M4Y) in Kosovo Project aims to improve cooperation and trust between youth and local governments by enabling local governments to address youth socioeconomic needs through better-targeted youth initiatives and services. Building on the Municipal Performance Management System (MPMS) – a performance-based incentive grant system implemented by MLG to provide financing for municipal capital investments, the M4Y project will earmark funds to selected municipalities for youth-driven and youth-selected subprojects with the purpose of improving the delivery of youth-related small infrastructure and services at the community level.

The project is structured around 3 components:

Component 1: Subgrants for Youth-Driven Community Development Initiatives;
Component 2: Youth Stakeholder Training;
Component 3: Project Management and Administration, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Knowledge Dissemination.


The objective of the assignment is to develop a comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system, which will consist of 1) a Monitoring and Learning Framework (MLF), 2) a public facing website, and (3) an online digital platform that will be used as an open access Management Information System (MIS). The MLF will include design of baseline and endline surveys. The assignment also includes collection of endline survey data and beneficiary feedback. The M&E system must enable adaptive project management through real-time monitoring, evaluation and learning under the Municipalities for Youth (M4Y) project. Specifically, this consultancy will deliver a project learning agenda, guidelines for data collection and analysis (and collection of endline survey data), capacity building on M&E for MLG PMU, and a public facing website for sharing results and project news. The consultancy will also procure a web-based digital platform to enable a centralized data collection system and periodic assessment and analyses to guide and accompany project implementation. The objective is to provide a framework that will help MLG generate actionable information about the project’s performance during the life of the project and provide valuable knowledge for similar initiatives in the future. The M&E system is to be developed in collaboration with the MLG PMU, selected FP-NGO(s) and focal points in participating municipalities. M4Y M&E system must be compatible and aligned with the monitoring and learning system of the complementary youth intervention – Connecting Youth Project.

Scope of work

The selected M&E firm will work closely with the MLG PMU and Facilitating Partner NGO to develop an MLF, MIS and data collection tools that are in line with the project objective and responsive of the implementing partners monitoring and learning needs. Main activities and deliverables for this assignment include the following: Monitoring and Learning Framework; Website development with MIS functionality (task can be outsourced).

More details regarding specific objectives, scope of work, technologies to be used for system design as well other information’s related to this assignment are indicated under TOR.

Qualification Criteria

The MLG/Client would like to contract a consulting firm/consortium with demonstrated experience and record of accomplishment in technical assistance in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems, which will include a Monitoring and Learning Framework (MLF) and a website:

  • Demonstrated experience in developing comprehensive Monitoring and Learning Frameworks, Web Applications and Online Management Information System for at least 3 similar projects (proved with references and/or contracts);
  • Demonstrated expertise in complex tech-enabled M&E systems;
  • Specific expertise and experience in developing websites and managing Monitoring Information System (MIS), including real-time and digital monitoring, advanced data visualizations for at least two similar projects implemented successfully for public institutions with an amount of above 80,000 USD, each;
  • Solid knowledge and expertise on programing, web development and website security;
  • Experience in M&E capacity building, training and provision of M&E technical assistance;
  • Experience in designing of Business Intelligence Systems, Statistical/Analytics Systems and Drag and Drop Report Designing Systems through .NET technologies;
  • Experience in developing user manuals and providing training to users of web applications;
  • Experience in implementing web applications with more than 500 users at .NET technologies
  • Assignment team consisting of experts as outlined below.

The team of experts proposed by the Consultant firm shall include the following key members:

  • Expert in results-based project management – Team leader;
  • 1-2 Expert(s) in Database Systems/Web Application Backend Development;
  • 1-2 Expert(s) in Web Application Frontend Development;
  • Expert of IU/EX design;
  • Expert in Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation (MEL).

Note: The key staff qualifications and their CVs will not be taken into consideration for the evaluation of applications/expression of interests of the firms

Evaluation Criteria

The shortlisted companies will be evaluated based on:

  • Experience in conducting similar monitoring and learning assignments– 60 points;
  • Specific experience in Monitoring Information Systems and Website development – 40 points

Selection process:

Experienced and qualified company will be selected according to the World Bank’s Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers’ (the Regulations), issued in July 2016, and revised November 2017 and August 2018, according to selection based on Consultancy Qualification (CQ) method.

Detailed TOR this assignment is available on MLG web page: https://mapl.rks-gov.net/shpallje-konkurse/thirrje-per-propozime

Interested company may obtain further information about the assignment at the addresses below during office hours: 08:00 - 16:00 hrs (Monday to Friday).

Expression of interest may be submitted to Ministry of Local Government to the below stated address until 08 July, 2021

Ministry of Local Government and Administration

Address: Ex Rilindja building, Floor 11
10 000 Prishtine, Republic of Kosovo
Website: www.mapl-rks-gov.net

E-mail: To : M4Y.Procurement@gmail.com
E-mail: Cc : florentina.hajdari@gmail.comgervallanazmi@gmail.com

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