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UNICEF office in Kosovo is seeking to engage a company (institution) to conduct a mapping of private and public sector organizations for apprenticeship and internship placement opportunities with focus on identifying internship schemes and opportunities for UNICEF’s engagement on advancing participation and empowerment of adolescents, youth, and young people.

The project is envisaged to be completed for the period of 2 months and the contract will be awarded to Institution with proven experience and well qualified to perform the requested assignment with main duties and responsibilities consisting of:

  1. Desk review of available resources, legal framework and regulations on internship and Mapping potential of public and private institutions for offering internship and apprenticeship opportunities;
  2. Collect information from young people on their attitudes and perceptions for engaging in public and private institutions’ internship opportunities;
  3. Design evidence-based recommendations for UNICEF’s engagement with public and private sector entities for advancing the apprenticeship and internship placement programme;
  4. Identify entry points for partnering with public and private sector entities based on shared value partnership for adolescents, youth, and young people empowerment, with a specific focus on Corporate Social Responsibility;
  5. Based on the evidence generated, design recommendations for UNICEF’s engagement with public and private sector entities to advance adolescents, youth and young people’s participation and empowerment at national level.

The interested institutions should prepare their offer in line with attached Terms of Reference.

Offers presented in English language, consisting of technical and financial details, should be submitted by 22 June until 13:00 o’clock at the email address 

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