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Manifesta 14 Prishtina
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Manifesta 14 Prishtina Cultural and Arts Mediators 

Open call 

The Education Department of Manifesta 14 is looking for a number of motivated Kosovo-based  individuals to become mediators and join the biennial team from 22nd of July to 30th of October 2022  (training period from February to July 2022). The team of mediators will work in the framework of  Manifesta 14 at the main venues of the biennial in Prishtina including exhibition spaces and other  open public spaces. The mediators will facilitate dialogue-based practices such as tours, workshops  and accompany artistic projects in the neighbourhoods. The mediators are expected to undertake  professional training and co-develop the mediation programme together with the Education Team of  Manifesta 14. The mediation practices will offer a collective critical perspective on Manifesta 14's  projects, their contexts and impact. 

Manifesta is the European Nomadic Biennial, which originated in the early 1990s in response to the  political, economic, and social change following the end of the Cold War and the subsequent steps  towards European integration. Manifesta has developed into a platform for dialogue between art and  society by inviting the cultural and artistic community to produce new creative experiences with, and  for, the context in which it takes place. The 14th edition of the biennial will take place in Prishtina from  the 22nd of July until the 30th of October 2022. Manifesta 14 Prishtina is curated by Berlin-based  Australian arts and literary scholar, curator and writer Catherine Nichols. 

About Manifesta 14 Prishtina Concept
it matters what worlds world worlds
how to tell stories otherwise 

Under the title it matters what worlds world worlds: how to tell stories otherwise, Manifesta 14 takes up  the challenge of exploring and generating new practices and modes of collective storytelling.  Revolving around an emergent Centre of Narrative Practice, the manifold participatory sites of  multidisciplinary learning and artistic intervention comprising the Prishtina edition of the nomadic  European biennale show that storytelling is no mere matter of historiography. Rather it is a crucial  strategy of survival. Together the richly layered formats envision what new worlds we might world if, in  the words of political philosopher Hannah Arendt, we actively “train” our “imagination to go visiting”. 

About Cultural and Arts Mediation programme in Manifesta

Proposed by the education team of Manifesta 14, the programme is a mediation initiative between the  main curatorial program and the city of Prishtina. Inspired by the encounters with the local scene, this  programme aims at questioning and adapting the practice of cultural and art mediation to the context  of Kosovo within the frame of Manifesta 14. The programme starts in February 2022 with the learning  sessions of the Mediation school. The sessions will focus on exploring and reflecting about the project of Manifesta 14 in the historical and socio-cultural context of Kosovo, as well as co-developing  mediation approaches with the input of various local and international experts to be put in practice  when Manifesta 14 will open to public.  

The term art mediation generally refers to the process of acquiring or negotiating knowledge in artistic  contexts including artistic creations, institutions, the social context and the people who encounter  these settings. Cultural and art mediation is based on exchange and creative response and suggests  treating each person as an expert in their own experience and culture. This opposes the common idea  of educating as transferring “objective” knowledge from a more informed person to a less informed  one.  

As part of the biennial’s Education programme the mediation practices aim at creating space for  meaningful dialogue between the biennial programme and its audiences, the inhabitants of the host  city and international visitors. In each host city, Manifesta explores existing practices and histories in  the fields of cultural mediation, knowledge production and education, imagining possible approaches  together with a local team of mediators. 

Primary responsibilities 

  • Mediating the content of Manifesta 14 through individual and collective research of the biennial  concept and the programme 
  • Developing and facilitating mediated and guided tours and workshops at the main biennial venues  for local, national and international public including school groups 
  • Developing and facilitating special mediation projects in non-art settings, working closely with  various communities 
  • Participating in the development and the evaluation process of the mediation programme 

Required skills and experience 

  • Fluent in Albanian or Serbian, and English (at least B2 level). Knowledge of other local languages  (Bosnian, Romani, Ashkali, Gorani, Egyptian, and Turkish) will be prioritized. German and other  foreign languages are highly appreciated 
  • Good understanding of the cultural and urbanistic landscape of Prishtina 
  • Working experience and critical stand in one or several fields: community work, contemporary culture, sociology, urban and political development of Kosovo 
  • Experience or education in artistic practices, anthropology, history, politics, psychology or  sociology, or other socially relevant fields 
  • Ability to recognize and appreciate diversity for engaging a variety of audiences in sharing opinions
  • Motivation to learn, develop and adopt new mediation skills and methodologies
  • Good communication skills and ability to listen to the potential needs
  • Excellent organisational and teamwork skills 

Terms and Conditions: 

  • Fixed-term contract
  • Working period: July-October, 2022. Flexible time schedule (including weekends) is required
  • Successful applicants are expected to undertake paid training over six long weekends from  February to July 2022
  • Working location: main Manifesta venues in Prishtina
  • Salary level: to be discussed at the interviews


  • Please send your CV and a letter of motivation in English (max. 1 page A4) outlining why you  would like to become a Manifesta 14 Mediator to with the subject M14 Mediators
  • Deadline: December 8, 2021 

The interviews with successful candidates will take place on the third week of December in Prishtina. More information about Manifesta 14 –

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