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“Development of AMC Strategy 2022-2025”

Action for Mothers and Children (AMC), is a non-for-profit foundation with the foremost goal to save the lives of children and improve the health care for mothers in the Republic of Kosovo through developing better systems for the care of pregnant women, and their children.

We believe that every child and mother have the right to a healthy life, regardless of where they are or what means they have. By developing and implementing programs that improve the health care of mothers and their infants, the number of children who die unnecessarily can be substantially decreased. We aim to focus on the development of sustainable, high quality, and capacity building health care programs for mothers and children in Kosovo.

Our programs are designed into four main pillars: education, advocacy, research and fundraising to provide supplies of equipment and medication needed to improve the health of mothers and children. In order to fulfill its mission, the foundation: advocates vigorously for better healthcare for women and children throughout the Republic of Kosovo; studies their health problems and health care systems that address these problems; develops programs and projects that will help to improve the health of women and children; accords high priority to those activities that will reduce Kosovo’s relatively high maternal and infant mortality rates; collaborates with the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders that have similar goals and objectives.

The foundation advocates for better health for mothers and children throughout Kosovo. In collaboration with other agencies and organizations that have a similar interest, we will also seek to initiate programs in local clinics, regional hospitals, and the University Clinical Centers of Kosovo with the purpose of improving the care of pregnant women and their children.


AMC is looking for a national consultant or a team of national consultants, who will closely work with the Board of Directors, Executive Director and AMC staff to lead the process of the development of a new Strategy for the period of 2022-2025, the key document that will define its goals and strategic objectives. This follows the 2019–2021 Strategy during which AMC raised its profile as an authoritative voice on maternal and child health, achieving significant success in many areas amidst many challenges/barriers that were caused by COVID-19 in the last two years. It is expected that the new Strategy 2022-2025 will help AMC to articulate its goals and priorities in order to be able to further improve the health of mothers and children in Kosovo.


The scope of work for the consultant(s) will include but not be limited to:

  • Rapid review the implementation of current strategy (AMC Strategy 2019 – 2021) and other project/programmes implemented by AMC;
  • Undertake stakeholder mapping and analysis;
  • Through a consultative process (in-depth interviews, focus groups and workshop with AMC), identify focus areas and develop strategic objectives and key result areas for the same;
  • Draft a strategy for achieving the strategic objectives and key results and present it to AMC for validation
  • Finalize the strategy and submit it to AMC for approval;
  • Develop an Action Plan based on the approved strategy.


  • A four-year strategy (AMC Strategy 2022-2025);
  • Action Plan for the period 2022-2025;
  • Report on the process including stakeholder consultations and the workshop.


The duration of the assignment is seventeen (17) working days spread over the period from 20th October 2021 to 15th December 2021.


Competencies required to carry out the tasks are as per below:

  • Master’s degree and/or certifications in relevant fields (Medicine, Public Health, Public Policy, Social Sciences, or similar) is a requirement;
  • At least 4 years of experience in conducting research and good analytical skills;
  • Experience in conducting strategy/project evaluations;
  • Experience in drafting strategies for organizations/institutions;
  • Excellent oral and written English language;


Estimated Cost of Consultancy: Applicants shall present a detailed financial proposal that elaborates daily costs on the basis of the above-mentioned deliverables, including a total sum demanded. All costs, including travel, accommodation, administrative tools, communications, etc. shall be covered by the consultant and should be included in the financial proposal as a separate heading, and broken down into details of accommodation and travel costs. Costs related to the workshop will be paid directly by AMC.

Payment schedule: AMC will issue a contract in EURO. The payment will be done in two installments upon deliverables as per contractual agreement and will be executed in EURO.

Candidates are required to specify their daily rates and the total amount as per the number of anticipated working days for each deliverable in the financial proposal and provide the breakdown of the lump sum amount for each deliverable as well as incidentals of each deliverable in EURO. It is up to the team how to divide number of working days within the team.


Applications, including the CV and the financial proposal should be sent to  by 24th October 2021, with the subject “Development of AMC Strategy 2022-2025”.

Note: Action for Mothers and Children through internal human resource regulations, ensures that all guaranteed human rights and freedoms are respected, and commits to implementing policies on child protection as well as those against bullying and abuse in the working place.

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