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Kosovo Cadastre Agency

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Sep 20, 2021 23:00

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Country: Kosovo

Project ID: P164555

World Bank Credit Name: Real Estate Cadaster & Geospatial Infrastructure Project

Contract Identification No.: XK-KCA-103712-CS-CQS


The Government of Kosovo (GoK) has received a Credit from the World Bank Group’s International Development Association (IDA) in the amount of EUR 14.60 million to finance the Real Estate Cadaster & Geospatial Infrastructure Project (REGIP), and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consulting services. The consulting services (“the Services”) include activities related to capacity building, public outreach, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), as well as project management.  The consulting services are expected to be implemented within a five-year period and will finance the provision of support for project implementation and donor coordination, including, inter alia carrying out Project monitoring and evaluation activities; carrying out customer satisfaction surveys; carrying out of public outreach and the maintenance of the Project’s grievance redress mechanism; and carrying out of capacity building activities for KCA. An important aspect for the development of real property markets is the institutionalization of a user-friendly customer interface by the agencies responsible for providing land administration services (the MCOs).

An important aspect for the development of real property markets is the institutionalization of a user-friendly customer interface by the agencies responsible for providing land administration services (the Municipal Cadastral Offices, MCOs). Because REGIP contributes to making the registration system more transparent, efficient, inclusive, and client-oriented, it is important to assess what the potential demand for property registration services is and to analyze differences between men and women as well as different ethnic and socio-economic groups in service perception and usage to best address the needs of different user groups. Moreover, it is important to collect the views of users and providers of the systems and gather better information on the processes of registration and completion of land and property transactions.

Overall Objectives 

This Customer Satisfaction Survey, which is to be the first one implemented under REGIP, will have two main objectives:

  1. To gather data to evaluate the Quality and availability of land administration data such as access to data, access to information, awareness about the procedures for property registration, awareness about the benefits of registered property etc., and:
  2. To collect data to assess the Quality and availability of geospatial data and services such as access to data, users’ awareness about the possibility to search and find data online, etc.

The availability and accessibility of land administration and geospatial data and services will be measured through greater access to, and transparency of, them. The Customer Satisfaction Survey will also collect data and information to assess the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of land and immovable property administration of data and services provided by KCA and MCOs and those professional organizations involved in immovable property market activity in Kosovo.

The survey will also include a special focus on the new digital information and services (usage of KCA web services, geoportal, KCLIS Online, KOPOS and if these channels will be changed, what to include) and will assess their usage and reception by the general public and land market professionals. The survey will also explore what the digital information and services are used for as well as what other e-services the general public and land market professionals would like to have.

The scope of work for Customer Satisfaction Survey are indicated under the Terms of Reference (TOR) for this assignment. The TOR can be found at KCA website

Qualifications of the Consultancy Firm

  • At least 5years of experience in producing similar surveys and conducting researches;
  • Experience with both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis techniques;
  • Demonstrated experience in conducting large nationally representative researches (at least 2 pieces of research on the samples of 1000 or more legal and physical persons in the past three years, for the researches of business entities; at least 5 pieces of research on the samples of more than 1000 respondents in the last three years for large-scale researches);
  • Capacity and availability of resources to carry out the required work for the required period;
  • Ability to mobilize bi-lingual (Albanian and Serbian, or other minority language as necessary) teams of surveyors and focus group moderators, as demonstrated in previous work;
  • Ability to analyze data collected using SAS/SPSS.

Time-schedule and level of effort

The survey will be completed within a 6-month timeframe from the day of signing the contract.

The estimated level of effort for this assignment is: 50 person-days.

The consulting firm shall hire/employ a team of 38 surveyors; this team is expected to work 76 days in the field to conduct the survey.

Selection process:

Experienced and qualified Consultants will be selected under the provisions of the World Bank’s Procurement Regulations for Investment Project Financing (IPF) Borrowers, July 2016, based on the selection method for Consultants Qualification Selection (CQS), (Open Competitive Consultants Qualification Selection).

Evaluation Criteria:

  • The general consultancy firm experience (45%)
  • Specific experience in survey designing and delivering (55%)

Please note that key staff qualification and experience (including their CVs) will not be part of the evaluation criteria/selection process - such key staff qualification/experience will be taken into consideration during contract negotiations with the successful/first ranked firm.

Interested consultancy firms may obtain further information at the address below during office hours: 08:00 - 16:00 hrs (Monday to Friday)

More information.

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