Development of a Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plan

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Event Name (assignment name): Development of a Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plan for Kosovo

Event Description:

The expected outcome of the Assignment is as follows:

The Consultant shall develop a Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plan for Kosovo aiming at fulfilling the following main objectives of the project, which are to provide increased and better services regarding the collection, sorting, processing, reuse, recycling and treatment/disposal of Construction and Demolition (CDW) for about 1,700,000 residents in Kosovo.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Functional implementation of the national law on waste and established monitoring and control of waste flows;
  • Reduction of waste generation, reduction of risk from waste;
  • Prohibition of illegal disposal and reduction of pollution;
  • Regular collection, treatment, reuse, recycling and final disposal of waste from construction and demolition of buildings;
  • Contribution to employment;
  • Awareness and encouragement for the recycling and reuse of construction materials from waste.

Start Date and Duration of the Assignment: The Assignment is expected to start at 21 September 2021, and has an estimated overall duration of 12 months.

Event Cost Estimate: 495,000 EUR

Supplier Profile:

EBRD intends to select and contract a consultant (the “Consultant”) with the following resources and/or expertise:

The Consultant is expected to provide at least the following Key Personnel:

  • Team Leader/Solid Waste Engineer, with 10 years of professional experience or more in the field of solid waste management, with comprehensive experience of similar assignments in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, as well as in institutional and commercial management of solid waste companies. He/she should demonstrate management and administration experience, including experience with procedures of IFIs (preferably EBRD procedures). The large number of different tasks and the complexity of administrational procedures require a significant presence of the Team Leader in the country during the project period of intensive work on preparation of the study. Should the Team Leader be an international expert, the Consultant may decide to include a local Project Manager in the team to provide additional support.
  • Finance Specialist, with preferably 5 years or more of professional experience in finance. The experts should have project management experience gained in countries with comparable industry conditions to Kosovo and good knowledge of procedures of international financial institutions, such as the EBRD, World Bank, EIB or ADB.
  • Solid Waste Engineers, with 8 years or more of professional experience in solid waste management. Familiarity with local conditions in Balkans and/or the Eastern European region would be an advantage. The engineers should demonstrate sound experience in strategic planning and implementation of waste management systems. Engineers shall have proven experience in municipal solid waste collection, recycling, treatment and disposal technologies and demonstrate experience in planning and implementing construction and demolition waste management systems.
  • Environmental Experts, with preferably eight years or more of professional experience in working on environmental matters in a solid waste management context (such as drafting Environmental Impact Assessments or Action Plans and/or following up on their implementation). Familiarity with local conditions in the Balkans and/or the Eastern European region would be an advantage.
  • Social and Gender Experts, with preferably eight years or more of professional experience in working on social/gender issues. The expert should have a very good knowledge of and previous experience with E&S Assessments and E&S due diligence, land acquisition and health & safety issues. Previous involvement in stakeholder engagement, public consultations and disclosure in the local context would be considered an advantage. Expertise on resettlement in a solid waste management context would also be considered an advantage.
  • Legal Expert, lawyer with preferably five years or more of relevant professional experience in natural monopolies regulation.
  • Pool of Local Experts, with preferably five years of relevant professional experience in dealing with solid waste management in Kosovo. Good communication skills and evidenced technical knowledge of solid waste sector planning, design, implementation and operations are also required, preferably in the construction and demolition waste sector.

Bank Contact Person:

Rachel Fitzjohn

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