Textbook development expert (KE3)

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Project: Support to improvement of quality in pre-university education
Engagement: Long-term, 700 working days
Location: Pristina, Kosovo
Date posted: 30.11.2020
Closing date: 20.01.2021

Brief description of the project:

The overall objective is to enhance the quality based, accountable education and training system, in line with the best international practices in the field of pre-university education.

The purpose of this project is to strengthen the quality of the basic and upper secondary education sector through support to the central and local level institutions in order to:

  • Set up and implement the mechanisms for implementation of merit based, non-discriminatory, gender-equal, and transparent recruitment of teachers and school directors;
  • Strengthen quality assurance functions at central, municipal and school level;
  • Support processes related to the drafting and revising the textbooks

The focus of the project shall be the following:

  • An essential problem when it comes to the recruitment for both directors and teachers has traditionally been the high degree of fragmentation of the legal basis pertinent to the recruitment processes. Lack of unification of the legal framework, criteria and procedures for the vacancies amongst municipalities of Kosovo contributes to poor transparency of the selection processes. The project will strengthen the mechanisms related to implementation of merit-based non-discriminatory, gender-equal and transparent teacher and school director recruitment; in particular will support the drafting of the legal and regulatory framework as needed. .The project will support the MEDs, the relevant recruitment teams and actors in the implementation of the newly adopted procedures and the Law on Gender Equality. It will also assist MEST and MEDs in developing mechanisms for management of careers of teachers and managers based on transparent criteria related to performance, as well as professional standards;
  • the project will strengthen the relevant stakeholders at all levels for accountable and effective management and quality assurance at central, municipal and school level. In particular, the project should support the central and local levels in implementation of the Quality Assurance Strategy. The project will support MES in functionalising the central Quality Coordinator role as well as the roles of the Quality Coordinators at MED and school level. Moreover, the project should support to FE/IRDE for the preparation of the Framework for quality assurance and monitoring of teachers’ professional development system. Furthermore, the project should review the current state of teacher professional development and relevant quality assurance procedures in place (at MES, MEDs and at school level);
  • The project will support to the processes of developing textbooks in terms of completing the legal and regulative framework on the textbook development. It will support the work of professional teams, as well as define the roles and responsibilities of them in order to ensure quality per grade level and per curriculum area. It will also support the work of professional teams for a gender-sensitive review of the textbooks; Assistance will be provided to MES, MEDs and schools in order to obtain continuous feedback on quality improvement of the textbooks. Furthermore, the project should build the capacities of MEDs and school teams to plan implement and review the pilot books in accordance with the best international practices.


Qualifications and skills

  • A Master's degree or equivalent in education or directly related discipline (social and political sciences and humanities), or 5 years of relevant professional experience on top of the 7 years of general professional experience in basic and upper secondary, general Pre-university education required.

General professional experience

  • Minimum 5, but preferably 7 years of professional experience in the education sector in basic and upper secondary, general Pre-university education.

Specific professional experience

  • Experience in leading teams in at least 1 project in basic and upper secondary, general Pre-university education sector addressing textbook development processes;
  • Professional experience in the field of in basic and upper secondary, general Pre-university education in the Western Balkan Countries is considered an advantage;

The KE3 will be will be responsible for component 4, thus will be responsible in liaising with the MES, National Council for textbook, MEDS, the municipalities and schools in relation to the textbook development, monitoring and feedback.

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