REOI: Energy Audit Design Supervision and DLP LOT 2

Fondi i Kosovës për Efiçiencë të Energjisë
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Request for expressions of interest for Consulting Company for Development of the detailed energy audit reports, Detailed Designs, Technical Specifications including Supervision, Commissioning and Management Supervision during Defects Liability Period, for Energy Efficient Building Renovations and street lighting

  • Country:  Republic of Kosovo
  • Project Name: Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund (KEEF)
  • Ref. no: KEEF/1C3.2/CQ/2020/LOT 2


As agreed with the government, European Commission (EC) and other development partners, and as stated in the new Energy Efficiency Law, the Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund (KEEF) has been established as an independent, autonomous and sustainable non-profit legal entity, to serve as the primary financier for municipal EE building renovations in Kosovo going forward. The KEEF is now developing its marketing strategy and investment plan to finance EE projects not served by commercial banks, starting with the municipal sector. The KEEF would allow its capital to revolve over time, and thus seek to become a sustainable financing and implementation agency.

With the successful implementation of the Kosovo Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Project (KEEREP), government, EC, and World Bank funds have been used to capitalize KEEF, which is seeking to expand the Project scope on a more sustainable basis. KEEF is planning to invest into and implement more than 100 municipal projects over the next 1-2 years to increase energy efficiency in buildings and street lighting and, more importantly, create a permanent institutional structure and financing mechanism that can continue to renovate public buildings and public lighting, and eventually expand to other markets.

Description of the assignment

The Consultant will be required to develop detailed energy audit reports and same ones to convert into tender documents by developing detailed designs, drawings technical specifications. The consultant will supervise works including commissioning and Defects Liability Period (DLP). The Consultant will also advise KEEF on capacities and potential deficiencies with local construction firms to assist in the determination of appropriate package and lot sizes, license requirements, etc.

The Lot 2 includes 12 subprojects such as 10 buildings and 2 public street lighting, divided per municipalities as follow:

Buildings: Podujeva- 2 buildings, Shtime- 1 building, Ferizaji- 1 building, Hani I Elezit-4 building, Kamenica- 2 buildings.

Public street lighting: Ferizaji- 1, Kamenica -1.

.A consultant will be selected in accordance with World Bank’s Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers’ (the Regulations), issued July 2016, and revised November 2017, and Aug 2018 for the supply of goods, works, non-consulting and consulting services.

The selection process will follow the selection based on Consultants Qualification (CQ) method, as defined in the mentioned Procurement Regulations.

Tasks to be performed

  • Task 1: Completion of detailed energy audit report
  • Task 2: Seismic assessment, prepare detailed technical specifications and basic renovation designs
  • Task 3: Assisting of KEEF on preparation of minimum technical qualifications:
  • Task 4: Supervise completion and acceptance/commissioning of the construction works:
  • Task 5: Management and Supervision during Defects Liability Period (DLP)

Consulting firm should offer a team composed with the following expertise:

Key staff:

  • Team leader / Civil Engineer with at least Master degree in Civil Engineering or related field with 10 year experience relevant to the project.
  • Mechanical Engineer with at least 5 years professional experience relevant to the project, preferable in energy efficiency and renewable energy; with at least Master degree. The consultant must be certified energy auditor.
  • Electrical Engineer with at least 5 years professional experience relevant to the project, preferable in energy efficiency and renewable energy; with at least Bachelor degree. The consultant must be certified energy auditor.
  • Electrical Engineer for street lighting with at least 5 years professional experience relevant in EE assessments, energy audits, EE in street lighting.
  • Architect with at least 3 years professional experience relevant to the project; with at least Bachelor degree. The consultant must be certified energy auditor.
  • Civil Engineer Master degree in structural engineering, or civil engineering with proven expertise in structure;
  • Environmental Engineer or equivalent with at least 3 years of experience in hazardous material inventories in buildings, in particular asbestos and experience with requirements and practice for proper asbestos and mercury containing CFLs removal, handling, transport and disposal/storage including monitoring and personal safety equipment requirements.

The evaluation and shortlisting criteria

Selection will be based on the following evaluation criteria:

(i) Firms experience in architecture, engineering, supervision and project designing (50%);

(ii) Relevant work experience in implementing similar projects (50%)

The qualification of key staff (or their CVs) will not be taken into consideration for the shortlisting/evaluation criteria above. The first ranked/successful consulting firm will be required at contract negotiations to provide the required key staff with respective qualification requirements.

Expressions of interest must be delivered in English language in a PDF form to  not later than 10.12.2020, at 16.00h.

Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours – 08.30 to 16.30 hours.

Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund (KEEF)
Floor 7, Former building of Ljubljana
10000 Pristina, Republic of Kosovo

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