Netherlands Helsinki Committee

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee is a non-governmental organisation that promotes human rights and strengthens the rule of law and democracy in all countries of Europe, including the Central Asian countries participating in the OSCE.

Netherlands Helsinki Committee The Hague, Netherlands
The NHC is now accepting applications for the online Matra Rule of Law Training: “Attitude for Change”, to be held 14 November – 18 December 2022. The deadline for submitting applications is  Sunday 9 October, 23:59 CET. This training is intended for civil servants who want to improve their leadership skills and learn more about ethical leadership. Senior civil servants and policy makers at public institutions from different levels of government charged with the development and implementation of integrity plans and policies for civil servants are invited to apply. This training is a five week online personal development trajectory in which you can develop your own skills to become a more ethical leader within your institution or specialty. We are looking for motivated and ambitious participants who want to improve their personal leadership skills to achieve change for the societies they represent. Do you want to share your experience, knowledge and...